We are a translation firm based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, offering top quality services for English to French, English or French to Spanish translation and proofreading at highly competitive prices. Our firm employs a dedicated team ensuring fast turnaround time and extremely precise results.  Everything a customer requires from a translation firm.


  • Minimum fee: $20.00
  • English to French translation rate: $0.14/word ($42.00 per page based on a 300 per word average)
  • English or French to Spanish translation rate: $0.18/word ($54.00 per page based on a 300 word per page average)
  • Proof reading rate: $0.10/word
  • Surcharge for RUSH orders: +25%


  • Payment by credit card for occasional customers
  • Monthly invoicing with payments by credit card, check or bank transfers following reception of open purchase order and approval of the account opening
  • All texts to be sent in the following file types: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT, MSOutlook email
  • Websites, for proof reading, must be fully functional in Google Chrome
  • All translation files will be returned in the same file format and layout as received
  • English to French orders of 2 pages or less are guaranteed next business day if received before noon.
  • English or French to Spanish orders of 2 pages or less are guaranteed in 3 business days if received before noon.
  • For large projects, precise price confirmation can be given upon receipt of a sample of the document (500 words) and simple word count.
  • Proof reading contracts may have surcharges applied if received text is of poor grammar or spelling quality
  • Highly technical projects may be subject to surcharges
  • Following project types are not accepted: legal, medical, contracts

Translation projects can be sent to

Do not hesitate to contact us for quotes or for additional information.


The Esperanto team

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